As with any business venture, being involved in philanthropy may force you to get lean early on. You don’t need to be the head of a major foundation or nonprofit organization, but if philanthropy is a part of your life, it can sometimes be a scramble staying on top of it all– especially if you don’t have any staff or advisors to keep you up to speed. Luckily, in the age of the internet, staying in the know is easier than ever. PhilanthroFiles staff has compiled a list of amazing tools that understaffed (or no-staffed) philanthropists can use to keep them ahead of the game. Check out a few of them below.

For Staying on Top of The News: Twitter

What isn’t there to know about the SMS service cum microblogging platform? If you aren’t using it to Tweet cool links and opinions to your followers, the least it can be used for is staying in the loop on news. Just follow your sources and the brightest minds, and let the updates stream into your feed.


When Grant Writing Becomes a Burden: Grantmaker Assessment Tool

No one said writing grants was easy or fun– it’s a legit skill that has it’s own niche in the job market! If you’re running a streamlined operation, though, there’s no need for this necessary component of philanthropy to be a bear. For instances such as these, check out Project Streamline’s Grantmaker Assessment Tool. Features include tools that will allow you to compare your grantmaking process to those of other fundraisers, and a cost estimator.


For the Times You Need Extra Help: Working with Consultants

Yes, it’s true. We all suffer from burnout. We can’t do everything on our own. So when the going gets tough, you may want to check out Working with Consultants, a cool… book? That’s right. Not every tool has to be an app or web software. An old-fashioned tome often contains all the information you need. Working with Consultants will acquaint you with the different types of consultants, give you the clarity to determine whether or not you need one, and in the event that you do, outline to process for making the hire.